tree killers.

The worst thing happened. Six beautiful trees in front of my condo were destroyed today, cut down in their incredible beauty. I had put so much energy in those trees, looking at them every morning when I woke up and every night before I went to bed. Watching their new leaves. Thinking about how incredible and strong they were. They gave me a lot of strength in tough times. They were the home to probably one hundred little birds, too. I came home today and saw them all cut down. Seriously, I have rarely felt so acutely upset, robbed. I really couldn’t stop crying about these trees. I am still crying despite how many times in my head I have apologized to them.

These trees are very representative to me, of our world and our interaction with it. It is incredibly horrific how fast we can take life away.


2 thoughts on “tree killers.”

  1. I understand you Kelly and sympathize with you as well for
    those beautiful trees I’m sure and those poor lost little birds.

    How sad 😦

    Je t’aime moi aussi 🙂


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