Tar and Weeds

I adore being outside in most kinds of weather. I also have a learning tool during exams that involves walking outside in low-traffic, rural spots reading my notecards. I love this and I really learn well kinetically. Today, I went on two long walks with my notecards around my neighbourhood. It is one of those beautiful neighbourhoods with grown-up trees and pretty houses. But I can’t help but notice a few sad things.

1. People in my neighbourhood really like to have black, black driveways. On an annual basis they get them painted with a toxic tar substance. I don’t really understand this trend.

2. They also really enjoy pesticide use. Walking around the block and encountering Mr. Weedman yesterday, I couldn’t breathe due to the burning in my nostrils and proceeded to run past him to the open air. But man, that green lawn is sure dandelion-free.

3. It is gorgeous outside. But I’m alone out there enjoying it. No one is outside! Well, some little kids are – but definitely not even a quarter of the population of little kids in my neighbourhood. What is everyone up to?

4. For the little kids that are outside, my neighbours drive too fast in their sport utility vehicles. Way too fast. We all just need to slow down a little.


4 thoughts on “Tar and Weeds”

  1. KELSY!
    i think the black driveway makes snow melt a lot easier in winter time – my neighbors back at home have that type of driveway, and man, they rarely have to get off their bums to shovel the snow. Which makes sense, if you’re gona make the environment toxic with tar, pesticides, you might as well not exercise in the winter too 😛

    hugs hugs

  2. You are definitely right when you say people drive to fast. I also hope that real soon they will have banned pesticides every where in the world so we can have a better,healthy life. Same with all the other toxic that pollutes our environment.
    Good night and good luck with the exams!

  3. Depends how old the driveway is. If it’s cracking and there’s plants starting to push up through it, then you might have been better applying a coat of sealant every few years – otherwise you wind up with gravel, or having to resurface the whole thing.

    I don’t understand the herbicide or the driving fast though. I have particular contempt for the people who accelerate towards stop signs and red lights, or who do 70 in a residential area. Bring back photoradar.

  4. I wonder if it is actually sealant.

    Another one of my problems is constant lawn watering. Sometimes in the summer, we’ll be out of water by 7pm because of the watering. In Waterloo they have a bylaw on watering only once per week. Wish they could spread that around.

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