Fox and bunnies

My neighbourhood is up in arms about the family of foxes living in our midst. There are six of them – three babies and two parents. They poke their heads out of hiding once in awhile. Last night they killed some bunnies under our deck at 4:30am. It is a piece of nature we rarely see in my suburbian homeland. We are awfully cut off from nature.

This week I’ve been unable to think about the world outside my backyard. I’m in a fog. So I’m focusing on the immediate world around me. It is beautiful and I am fortunate to live within it. But I can’t seem to shake this nagging feeling, keeping me anxious and wondering what I should be doing as a contributor to bettering the human condition. What to do? There is so much that could be done. But where to focus, how to go about it? Will a path of action present itself? I expect it will. For now I’ll continue to sit on global health committees and hope something will eventually arise from them. It will be good to get my feet back on the ground, and my hands dirty, eventually.


~ by kcanderson on June 13, 2008.

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