My beautiful friend Jia. “Ok, Kelso. Someone somewhere said that pain in people is caused by a decided resistance or rational nonacceptance of their emotions. Specifically, when controllable, conscious efforts are pitted against uncontrollable, spontaneous feelings, people feel pain or discomfort. So, if one is an overly rational person, it may be possible that this conflict between rationality and emotion is experienced more often. Does giving in or ceding to the uncontrollable make people happier? Or is that just a short term gain?”


~ by kcanderson on June 17, 2008.

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  1. I think from personal experiences and looking back, it’s often short term gains that simply mask the conflict between your rational part and your emotions. Initially you’ll feel happy because your worries and anxiety will subside, but that rational part of you will come back to bite ya harder down the road.

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