The insufficiency of language.

I’ve recently finished reading Siddhartha by Hermann Hess, thanks to a recommendation from Jia. It has replaced many books as my official favourite book – so much so, that I’m reading more and more about Siddhartha. He is a captivating character, full of flaws and beauty simultaneously. I really enjoyed the part in Siddhartha where he explains to his friend Govinda about the insufficiency of words and thoughts, how they always portray only one side of a two sided coin. Language can never truly convey all that is felt and perceived in the human condition.

I’ve been a blog delinquient not for lack of thought, but a lack of appropriate language to express the things I’ve been considering lately. It has been a great thinking time. I’ve been excited about the future and grateful for this crazy life I’ve been given. I’ve been panicking and scared of the future. I’ve been content sometimes and others, a bit overwhelmed. How to direct and channel energy? How to be balanced and yet driven? How to approach an issue openly yet with direction? How to prepare myself for the challenges ahead? And what is the next project, or the next passion? How to sustain those passions I already cultivate?


1 thought on “The insufficiency of language.”

  1. I totally agree. I often feel that language is insufficient in doing a situation/feeling/experience justice and choose silence instead. I feel like sometimes this strategy is a bit of a cop out. I’m totally in awe of writers/storytellers who, through a seemingly simple story, convey so much. Hesse is amazing with his interpretation of Siddhartha.

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