Unable to be productive.

I seem to be only able to come home and do nothing after a day at the hospital. I think it might take some getting used to before I get up to full speed in clerkship… right now it’s an accomplishment if I make myself a real dinner.

I guess it’s good that I put my whole heart into extracurriculars during first and second year medical school.

~ by kcanderson on July 29, 2008.

3 Responses to “Unable to be productive.”

  1. Kelsy!
    when i did an elective last year in internal medicine (i was with CTU) – I’d work at the hospital from 8am to 5-6pm. We would get roughly 20 minutes to quickly eat lunch (and clerks were working at same time) and that was our only break. When I’d go home, I wanted to do absolutely nothing and I’d wonder man how am I going to study during clerkship?? What a career/life eh.

  2. I know the feeling hun… sometimes at work i do 8am to 8 or 10pm. The only way I find i eat properly then is if i’m only making something simple (stir-fry etc) and anything i needed defrosted was taken out in the morning. It’s really tough when you’re working long hours to have your ‘normal’ schedule. Hope it gets a bit less hectic soon! x

  3. I think a lot of us are struggling with this in society. I’m not really sure how things will change unless its based on slow, individual decision making and priority changing. You know?

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