Worry at the Airport

I’m on my way home, full of energy that I can’t articulate easily. Partly sad, because I had an incredible week. Partly lonely. Partly confused and partly enlightened about this business of AIDS.

I ran into an old friend yesterday that compared the conference to a trade show. He said we have this conference because people like coming to conferences. That AIDS is an industry and unless you like it, you won’t easily thrive.

After careful consideration, I think the AIDS conference is overblown and distant from reality at times. I think participants are too quick to judge and praise, and quick to think their agenda is most important. I think there were too many first class fliers and business people and too few community representatives.

I did learn a lot about subject matter but I didn’t see much heart.

Overall I feel worried. My worry is permiated with occasional bursts of light.

I am boarding the plane.


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