Day 2 Questions

  1. When speaking with other global health workers, how much knowledge should be assumed? Are we spending time re-educating each other on basic issues?
  2. Do we, as humans, have a tendency to underestimate each other? Why do we compete for airtime and argue over concepts where more than one person can be correct? Do we become less able to step out of our boxes as we adhere more closely to our global health identities?
  3. What is the spirit in which we function as global health advocates?
  4. How important are sideline conversations in the politics of global health? Are sideline conversations what really make things happen?
  5. Can you afford to be moderate or gentle in your views when you are one of the few voicing them and they are arguably critical?
  6. When we speak about global health, why is it so difficult to boil our thoughts down into key messages? We need to be better at this.
  7. Who is going to control the future of global health? Is it the Gates Foundation?
  8. Which leaders are controlling the global health landscape in terms of encouraging collaboration rather than competition?
  9. Where does the balance lie between global health ideals and global health business?
  10. How can we think about the field of global health with more openness, trust, creativity and love?

~ by kcanderson on September 23, 2008.

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