Thanks in my family

This year I asked my family to write down a bunch of things they were thankful for on pieces of paper, and we guessed who wrote them during dinner. My family thinks I’m hilarious (and a bit irritating) that I get them to do stuff like this, but we all loved it. Some of thing things my family members are thankful for:

‘the ability to pursue any and all of our dreams’, ‘I’m just happy to be here’, ‘proud of my gang’ (my dad), thankful for the people I love and the people who love me’, “I’m thankful for fall days, hot chocolate, fires, special holidays and family’, ‘thankful for the love in our family and that we’re all healthy and happy’, ‘I’m thankful for a beautiful house’, ‘cranberries and stuffing’, ‘I’m thankful for incredible people in my life’…


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