The importance of energy conservation

This morning over tea, I sat with a close friend and we discussed the nature of our lives as junior learners in the hospital. With this friend there isn’t the pretense of power-seeking or covering-up the truth for the sake of appearances. There aren’t hidden emotions. There is honesty in the hardness of this experience, with the understanding that we will persevere and try to keep our hearts intact. We build our morale and our energy.

It made me realize, that when life is challenging, it is important to save our time for the energy-givers, rather than lose it to the energy-takers. With energy-generous friends we build energy together rather than further deplete it. This energy is not in concrete supply, but instead a dynamic flow that can be increased bilaterally if the right openness and attitude exists. Even in hard times we can be givers.

Those who would instead take our energy to serve their own fears, insecurities and preoccupations, I wish for them the intuition to see, feel and avoid the times they might drain it away from those of us are seeking to build it.


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