The South-to-North Health Professional Brain Drain

Something posted on the GHEC listserv today that provokes thought on perpetuating the brain drain of health professionals from South to North (this isn’t the whole story, but a useful perspective I hadn’t thought of in precisely this way):

“I do not encourage students from developing nations to take clinical rotations in US medical school teaching hospitals. Most such “learning” would be counterproductive, unless these students are aiming at becoming part of the brain drain to N. America and Europe, which we should not be aiding and abetting. [This also obviates any alleged need for strange North American – and likely demeaning – hurdles like drug screening and background/security checks]. Reciprocity may seem logical and/or politically correct, but in this issue it violates a higher principle, i.e., truth-telling. And the truth is that we [and our nation] are doing a bad job in reforming US medicine [and also in equipping our next US physician generation for said reforms needed in clinical and system-wide practices]. It constitutes [literally] global malpractice to invite medical students from other nations to “learn” in and from the US system, thereby implying that our [non] system is worth emulating.” ~Ron Pust


~ by kcanderson on December 5, 2008.

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