I’ve been lost in the haze of CTU call and away in BC over the past two weeks.

I’ve been wanting to write about my Grandpa because he was such an incredible human. He was a role model. In the words of my uncle, he will be remembered for his love for family, his generosity and his overwhelming sense of fairness, amongst so many other things. Lynn and I were very close to him; he loved his grandchildren so much and told us so on an almost daily basis. There is a void in my life where our weekly phone calls used to be, where he’d ask about school and Mat and the Ontario weather.

I’ve been trying to think about all the little things he did that made him unique; his yawn, early morning coffee and waking up the whole house, walks on the pier, watching crabs, his love for the Keg and pub lunches, cheddar cheese (he always stole my snacks), stories about White Rock as a kid, how he loved his dogs so much, his afternoon naps, his rum and coke, his birthday cards and christmas cards from the dollar store with heartfelt messages, his smile and hugs, the way he would sit at the kitchen table with arms folded tapping his feet and wondering what was next, crossword puzzles every morning and reading the paper, loud hockey games on TV, kraft cheese slices always in the fridge that I would steal as a kid, how he liked hot dogs for lunch and he loved steak and the BBQ, reading mystery novels one after another but he couldn’t really tell them apart, action movies and how he made fun of us going to Starbucks. How he loved to turn up the volume in his car to show us how loud it would go, how he liked saying “the Shushwap” and our drive down from Salmon Arm where he showed us historical places in the interior. How much he loved my mom.


3 thoughts on “Grandpa”

  1. i’m sorry for your loss, Kelly; my sympathies to your family. I remember as a kid being afraid of Grampa Jack – for some reason I thought he was Wilfrid Brimley. As an adult, I’ve enjoyed my brief visits with him and always felt like one of his own grandkids.

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