Distributed Medical Education and Innovative Medical Schools

Some thoughts and notes from today: 

Dr. Fortunato Cristobal, Dean School of Medicine Ateneode Zamboanga University, Philippines, describes social accountability-focused innovative medical education.  He askes, what can a small medical school contribute to global health?

In the foundation of his medical institution, it was noticed that traditional medical schools in the Philippines were contributing to the disparity in overall healthcare by training medical health professionals that eventually leave their own communities or emmigrate, ie not serving their own underserviced areas. In this new medical school model, community-based education ensures that communities form the values of the students.  Likewise, students transform the communities.

In terms of results, only 5% of graduates leave to work abroad out of this program.

He described the institutional mandate: “to be ourselves, independent, self-critical and self-respecting”.

Dr. Lamphuear from the Northern Ontario School of Medicine described underserved anglophones, francophones and aboriginal communities in Northern Ontario.  He described the NOSM mandate of “think globally educate locally”, and social accountability as the founding principle of NOSM. 

He feels that NOSM helps students to “understand the communities they live in, to become members of Northern communities to improve the life of everyone in the community, to love living and working in the North.”

Some select quotes: “when you’ve seen one community, you’ve see one community”, “We spend a lot of time in little planes and 4-wheel drive cars””


~ by kcanderson on April 4, 2009.

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