New ideas on “global health engagement”

– What does it mean to have the ‘impostor’ syndrome?  As students, as faculty?  Why are individuals designated as ‘global health leaders’, and what do you feel like when you are one?  What happens to your knowledge development?  How do people see you?  How do you see yourself?

– How should we evolve a new language in global health?

– Why, when we admit to our own confusion in global health, do we draw more people to us? 

– On a similar note, why, when we admit our confusion to some faculty, do they sometimes treat us like children?  But when we admit this to real global health leaders, they admit the same back to us?

– How do we balance the hope/solidarity/love/passion/excitement with the tough questions that make us uncomfortable and sad in global health?

Please do leave more feedback!


~ by kcanderson on April 8, 2009.

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