Bless from the heart.

“A few years ago, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, I watched a surprising demonstration of the power of positive regard.  A homeless man had staked out a spot on the sidewalk, from which he was cheerleading the passersby.  When a woman walked past, he would say, ‘Ah, pretty woman!” When a man walked by, he would say, “Strong man!”  He said these words mostly to older people… people whom nobody else would have likely noticed.  Moreover, he spoke with such sweetness and conviction that his words seem to carry a real benediction.

For an hour I watched him, seeing how people reacted with little amused, pleased smiles… I observed .. everyone he spoke to came away smiling, walking straigher and looking, well, blessed.”

-Sally Kempton, “Bless From the Heart” Yoga Journal October 2007.


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