Zero Waste?

It is incredible how hard it is to avoid packaging.  I use cloth bags and lately I always bring my own mug.  But when I buy groceries, do I put my broccoli in its own little bag?  My apples, oranges and others already roam free in my shopping cart.  Do I buy potting mix soil it its plastic wrapping?  What about that PABA and paraben-free sunscreen bottle I’m buying?  Some natural food stores will refill my Dr. Bronners bottle, but I have to make a separate drive to get there.

I put out a bin full of recycling once every 10 days or so.  I don’t compost yet, but I’m thinking about how we could do it on a patio.  I have about a bag of garbage every week.  It does make me wonder what it would be like to come face-to-face with all of my own garbage!

Check out this incredible article about zero-waste.


2 thoughts on “Zero Waste?”

  1. yay! i can find you again!
    i missed you.

    We have green bins in our neighbourhood. Maybe there are green bins coming to yours soon? Before green bins, one of the local churches had a community garden which included a compost … ummm, pit available for any and all, contributing or removing alike. Similar programs may exist in your area.
    Just a thought. Patio compost might be rank.

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