What would an ideal world look like?

I want to eat a big bowl of ice cream to fill the void of feeling sad.  But it doesn’t make a lot of sense to eat a big bowl of ice cream.  Instead I’m going to write a joint blog with Mat.

What would an ideal world look like?

1. Neighbours would know and help each other; people would spend time outside in their neighbourhoods building their communities.

2. People would live and work in their neighbourhoods, eliminating bedroom communities and improving our dependence on local resources.

3. We would certainly not go and buy drinks or food that come in single-use containers.  We would all have our own mugs; better yet we would all make drinks at home and maybe even share them with one another.  No products would be single-use, throw-away items.

4. Economic policies would be globally focused bettering everyone’s lives, not just the ‘privileged’.

5. We would save the trees and trees would be celebrated and thanked. [note the song ‘The Trees’ by Rush] 

6. Laws would no longer be required. I believe imprisonment will be judged as one of humanity’s greatest embarrassments.

7. We would grow our own food and understand the importance of passing such important knowledge and skills down among our family members and friends.

8. We would understand how to live in perfect balance with the environment and each other.

9. Products would be biodegradable and petrochemical-free.

10. Society as a whole would take responsibility for our childrens’ futures, educating and inspiring them to achieve their full potential.

11.  We would understand that health is not just achieved through diet, exercise and chemical pills, but through love, connection to the environment and integrated spirituality.

12. Fear and paranoia would be remembered in a historical context but no longer experienced.

13. Humans would re-learn the happiness and enjoyment inherent to the simplicity of life.

14. We would most likely meditate.

15. Personal and corporate sponsorship would no longer influence policies.

16.  Would there be cars?  How might we visit one another and learn from different cultures? Do we keep planes and trains?  I would hope in an ideal world we would cherish the remaining diverse cultures on our planet, not mindlessly allow their loss to mass globalization.

17. We would live in harmony with animals.

18. We would be held accountable for every dollar we spent.  Our lives would not be focused on the things we buy.

19. Somehow we would not create trash.  We would certainly all love to compost.

20. Education and health care would be excellent and free for everyone.

Guess who wrote what?


~ by kcanderson on May 5, 2009.

One Response to “What would an ideal world look like?”

  1. The bunnies and rainbows are back!

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