My Check Box

Today, a check box to be marked: must blog. 

I wonder to myself why I haven’t  been blogging and also why I feel like I need to.  I’ve stopped, most days, observing my life in the format of snippits of writing.  Somehow the internal verbal monologue has slowed.

I have been loving a few things lately.

There is a couple who live in my building.  They must be in their sixties.  Each day I see them in their running gear at the doorway to our building.  They kiss and then start out on their run.  They are super fit and I could certainly not keep up with them.  They get home and high-five.  Every day the same.  Kiss-Run-High-Five.  I love this.

Last night was Mat’s graduation dinner.  I am so proud of him.  The place we go to eat serves incredible cheese for dessert.  (I love cheese!)  They bring out the cheese cart to me and I say, I want to try all of them!  And they bring me a tiny piece of all of them.  I’m in heaven for about half an hour, trying all these cheeses, sharing with my family members who also love cheese.  I’m not sure what could be better.

Today, sitting in the sun on the patio.  Watching white clouds expand and contract like whipped cream in the sky.  Reading this novel – a love story –  all day long.  I’m watching the sunset.  The shadows creep towards me and I realize I get to go to bed early and sleep in late tomorrow.  There is nothing to do.  I can just be me, without expectations or judgements or inadequacy or ego or fatigue that permeate some of the other days, around these other beautiful little moments that make such fun writing.

And the box is checked. 

I look down at my hands on the keyboard and I’m wondering, what do I really need to be writing about?


~ by kcanderson on June 14, 2009.

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