… Day 8 Trash ..

It was just such a bad trash day that I couldn’t ignore Day 8.

Also my dad, who sits on a big eco-friendly recycling board, wants me to clarify that polystyrene (not “styrofoam” as I called it, which is a trade name) is indeed recyclable and the issue is that London will not recycle it (but Toronto does).  He says the foam recycling process is high-energy but emission free, and in many ways ecologically friendlier than plastic recycling.

Here goes (sob): (the sob is for my trash and my food intake):

2 tim hortons cups (didn’t drink the second one, even)
2 tim hortons bags
1 starbucks cup
1 ziplock
1 granola bar wrapper
1 bandaid
1 aquafina bottle again (didn’t even recycle, lost it somewhere)
1 straw wrapper, 1 straw!
1 beef jerky bag (protein).
1 wine bottle (shared, recycled).
[medical trash!!]


~ by kcanderson on August 1, 2009.

3 Responses to “… Day 8 Trash ..”

  1. Where are all these Aquafina bottles coming from?

  2. I have this guilty love for the tangarine and mango flavoured aquafina vitamin water from the hospital cafeteria.

  3. so for your trash count, you include recycling?
    I’ve been trying to reduce waste for a while, and quite proud of the fact that every week a family of 3 plus a cat has 2 recycling bins full, one green bin and 2/3 to 1 bag of garbage. not bad, methinks.
    If recycling and green bin is counted as trash, I have 4 bags full. way bad.
    Here’s my breakdown from yesterday; I don’t know if it will make you feel better or worse.
    Recycling: 4 355mL cans, 3 minigo containers, 1 drinkable yogurt container, flyers and advertizing material, ‘heat sheet’ from pizza, 1 milk bag, 3 Tim Horton’s lids
    Green bin: strawberry tops, banana peels, plum skins and pits, apricot pits, 17 paper towels with who-knows-what food gunk on them, 1 pizza box, 1 week’s worth of kitty litter (wheat) and kitty waste, contents of the vacuum cleaner cannister
    Garbage: 7 diapers, 14 bum wipes, bits and ends of yarn (the green bin takes fur, hair and dryer lint but not yarn, makes no sense to me), 3 Tim Horton’s cups

    good side – you’re doing way better than I am. bad side – I’m doing way worse than you.

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