Halifax Airport

Printing boarding pass, standing in line, security, laptop out, jacket, belt and shoes off, putting everything back together again.   Think security is friendlier in the Maritimes. Tim Hortons egg sandwich, coffee. I think about how much I hate seeing those lobsters in cardboard boxes.. poor things. Talk to Mat.  Irritated by incessant overhead announcements. Look at magazines and books.  Wonder about the garbage inside.  Buy cashews.  Check email, check text messages. Sit.  Notice a lot of neck tension.  Think about sanitizing my hands again.  Download article on Somali pirates my friend wants to me read, finally.  Think about CaRMS. Might as well blog.  Teenage boys next to me talking like teenage boys.  Classy older lady in expensive clothes, starbucks in hand.  People people watching.  Overhead announcement.  Pre-boarding little kiddies. It’s about that time. Closing up the computer, boarding the plane to Vancouver!


1 thought on “Halifax Airport”

  1. Have a good flight Kelly and will think of you not being with us this weekend . Matt will be getting home soon ! Yes!! I am sure you will like your stay in Vancouver so good luck and enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving to you with love!

    Reg & Sue

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