crown chakraThe 7th crown chakra whirls above the head, guiding the way for the slower chakras below, connecting us upward with the divine.


3 thoughts on “Crown.”

  1. Hi Kchristine

    Hi Kelly, I just saw a handdrawn picture of the Crown Chakra on Google Images… The picture points to a Wellspring blog, but then I also found this one. Did you (or someone else) draw this picture from experience? It is very accurate!
    I see the Crown Chakra similarly except for the centre flower (padma) which I see with more petals. There are some other things I see too especially about its rotation (strobe like) that I would love to exchange ideas about with you.
    Here are two of my blogs: and I’d like to show you especially a blog segment:
    (Lots of data there, maybe a bit technical, but all carefully verified by personal experience.)

    I look forward to your response!

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