Happy Valley-Goose Bay

I’ve waited for a really long time to visit Labrador.  In 2005 I met a lady on a bus in Antigonish, Nova Scotia who had recently moved back to Nova Scotia from Labrador city.  She told me the most wonderful and exotic stories about this place, with it’s one (apparently intermittently dirt) highway between the only two cites.  About the people who live in Labrador and have never left.  About how hard it is to get in. 

I’m in Goose Bay. When we got off the plane sleet flew painfully into my eyes, we pushed our way through the wind and wet into a tiny terminal.  Meg bravely negotiated the snowy road.  It’s still snowy, but warmer now and slushy and my boots are wet.  I definitely didn’t pack enough socks. There seems to be one road through this city, with a few stores and houses with identical white siding and pick-up trucks and winter boots and pre-packaged process food that costs so much more than anywhere down South.  All surrounded by unbeatable wilderness.

We went for a beautiful snowshoe today, through the forest out to the River.  Meg says around the River is all sand dunes in the summer months.  The silence and the crunching snow under our snowshoes and the crisp air and smell of trees.


~ by kcanderson on November 29, 2009.

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