Nain Statistics

According to a retailer in Nain:

There are approximately 1200 people or less in Nain.

He sells 1/3 the total cigarettes in Nain. His total sales equal $10,000/week.  He sells boxes between $9-12.50.

He sells 357120 cans of pop per year, on average.  That is equal to 124 pallets, 120 cases on a pallet, 24 cans in a case.

He sells $160,000 worth of candy in a three month period.  That is equal to 8 pallets of candy.  Each pallet contains 1200lbs of candy.


3 thoughts on “Nain Statistics”

  1. I live in Nain, these figures if true are alarming when you factor in that fact four other retailers sell the same products.
    Care to elaborate please?

  2. Hi there. Thanks for adding your input. I can’t elaborate too much, as I got this information from a brief conversation with one of the retailers while I was in Nain. I was specifically asking him how much of these items he sold, and he seemed very confident in his numbers.

    I’d love to know what the other retailers have to say.

  3. The largest retailer in Nain sells roughly 20 pallets of pop a year. The smallest retailer 5 pallets a year. I have not asked the others.

    By those stats every person of smoking age, lets use 600, would smoke 5 packets a week, not a lot for a smoker.

    This brokers the question; what is the purpose of this post? You obviously have not done any in-depth analysis but have taken something thrown out at you in a brief conversation and decided to take it as fact.

    My reasons for asking are not hidden: Way to much negative and inaccurate information given out in the south about Nain in recent years, all in the name of raising funds for a private fundamentalist mission.

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