Community Service 2009

A Time Magazine article from September 2009, ‘Community Service 2009 – big and small companies changing the world’


1 thought on “Community Service 2009”

  1. “Meanwhile, consumer enthusiasm for the new Fairtrade bar — which tastes and costs the same as the old version — shows that, if handled smartly, responsible actions can be a great marketing tool.”

    I’m all in favour of eliminating the use of slave labour for the benefit of Western consumers, but statements like this assume that “responsible actions” are anything other than a marketing tool.

    It’s not impossible for there to be shareholders in a company who have a sense of ethics, and govern the company accordingly, but this usually (as was the case with Maple Leaf Foods and the listeriosis scare last year) translates into an argument against stiff regulation, and the propagation of the myth of the “Corporate citizen,” as if a profit-driven organization responded to the same moral imperatives as people did.

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