A TED talk on Play sent to me by a friend.

The play history: … think back to a time in your life of the best physical/emotional experience of play, and think about how that might relate to your life now.  How to infuse your life with play and why?


3 thoughts on “Play”

  1. When I was a teenager and we use to play in our yard on the swings with my sisters and sing hit parade songs like (Bye Bye Love) or when we use to play in the attic in the shed to dress up day with our mothers clothes and hight heels. Also when I became a teenager of 15-16 and use to go to the Blue Pheasant to dance with my friends (boys and girls ) to the juke box in the afternoon . The Mash Patato was one of our favourite dance plus the Rock and Roll. Neat! Oh,what good memories!

  2. I think my best play memory is playing capture the flag with all my neighbours. i have never really thought of this before but my first instinct was this memory and come to think of it: i used to yearn for more daylight so we could play capture all the time, all through the night… wow. amazing. I also loved school recess and playing games around the portables.. we were so free back then… i totally need to infuse these feelings into my life right now. thanx kell (& your friend that sent you the TED talk!)

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