Being better at PowerPoint

“Hate Powerpoint? We all do.  But not because PowerPoint sucks.”

I thought this presentation hit the nail on the head.  If powerpoint sucks, so do you (your presentation, at least… since you are the one who made it).

“an outstanding one hour presentation takes 30 hours or more of prep”

“design, don’t just slap something together”


1 thought on “Being better at PowerPoint”

  1. While I like doing slideshow presentations, and while I have seen some great ones, I think that the reliance (really the expectation) that every talk will be accompanied by visual aids has killed the art of oratory; the art of story-telling.

    In undergrad I had a history prof who would write a few key words, names, or places on the blackboard and then talk for 50 minutes at a time, giving 2 ten minute breaks in a 3-hour class. Because he was a great story-teller, his lectures were the most captivating that I had heard in university. Powerpoint would have destroyed the experience.

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