Creative Housing

An awesome video: Dan Phillips on creative houses  built with reclaimed stuff. And how we should re-envision our relationship with houses.


~ by kcanderson on February 25, 2011.

One Response to “Creative Housing”

  1. Thanks for this video… About patterns…

    Once a contractor drove his heavy truck over our tiled path and… broke three tiles…

    The man was very sorry and apologetic and promised that he would replace them, no sweat, “I will be back tomorrow!”

    I knew this man well enough to also know that his “tomorrow” would never come, so I told him that I wanted it fixed. “NOW”.

    I turned around and went to look for a sledgehammer and told him, “Don’t you worry!” while I swung the sledgehammer and…

    with a few big whacks I – on purpose – broke a few good tiles. I then handed the sledgehammer over to him had him break the remaining tiles…

    After some reluctance he went at it… and after a bit of a sweat he smashed all the remaining ones.

    That’s how we ended up with a “designer path”… and everyone walking that path enjoys every crack…

    Only once someone asked, “where can I get those tiles?”


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