A Sickness of the Soul

“There is no doubt that, at this time in history, Western civilization is suffering from a great sickness of the soul. The West’s progressive turning away from functioning spiritual values; its total disregard for the environment and protection of natural resources; the violence of inner cities with their problems of poverty, drugs and crime; spirialiing unemployment and economic disarray; and growing intolerance to people of colour and the values of other cultures – all of these trends, if left unchecked, will eventually bring about terrible self-destruction.

In the face of all this global chaos, the only possible hope is self-transformation.

Unless we as individuals find new ways of understanding between people, ways that can touch and transform the heart and soul deeply, both indivenous cultures and those in the west will continue to fade away, dismayed that all the wonders of technology… and all the planning of the global corporations will be helpless to reverse this trend.”

~ Malidoma Some “Of Water and the Spirit”


~ by kcanderson on March 9, 2011.

One Response to “A Sickness of the Soul”

  1. How true indeed ~! Self-transformation is a must if we don’t want to keep destroying what we have ,where we live and especially ourselves.We need to bring back respect,self control ,faith ,love and peace. We also need to keep our countries, our planet safe and sound. The key for me is to love and respect first and have spiritual values otherwise we will slowly destroy ourselves ,our loved ones and others.

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