Creating the Right Morning Space.

There is something critical about an inspiring morning routine, something that starts the day off on the right footing.  There needs to be the right space and time, the right rituals, to get my mind working creatively, positively.  To understand my intentions for my day.

This morning when I rolled over in bed and checked my iPhone, I knew I’d ruined my chances for creative morning time.  When I went afterwards to check my work email on my laptop, I doubled my chances of uninspiring morning.  Trying to make up for these electronic indulgences, I took a walk outside to get coffee from my favourite coffee spot.  Coffee = creativity for me, most times.  The air was warm, the sun shining, streets bustling, lovely barista pours my cup… maybe I’ve saved the morning?  Getting home, I sit down and… open my facebook application on my iPhone.    You all know I’m anti-facebook and haven’t checked facebook since 2010, but somehow I downloaded the application because I was informed people were messaging me and I wasn’t responding.  I’m a people pleaser!  I find myself reading random garbage on facebook reading my coffee.  What went wrong? Alas my last ditch effort is to write a creative blog about it.


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