Other people.

I sit in a coffee shop preparing to start studying a topic for my final medical licensing exam.  This is not an unfamiliar spot for me.  Settling in with my books open, notes ready, prepared for a few hours of work.  Next to me sits a young woman, enjoying a latte while reading the paper.  Next to her, she has a copy of the book Ishmael by Daniel Quinn.  I imagine her having a life full of these inspiring type of activities.  I look back at my computer ready to read some cases on osteoporosis, and consider the last decade of sacrifice that have made this career journey possible.


~ by kcanderson on January 11, 2012.

One Response to “Other people.”

  1. Yes, all these sacrifices are the journey for a great futur for you ,your family and for all those people that need a good,caring and giving doctor and that is you Dr.Kelly Anderson. No doubt in my mind that you deserve the highest degree given in your field for all your hard work and great accomplishments. Good luck in your studies and the best to come in 2012 and the years ahead. We are very proud of you .

    Love ………Sue…oxox

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